The Smuggler's Log

Episode 2

July 16, 2022 Christopher Meacham Season 1 Episode 2
The Smuggler's Log
Episode 2
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Production and Story

  • Christopher Meacham

Voice Acting

  • Donna Wood
  • Christopher Meacham

Guest Starring

  • Michael Edwards
  • Elia Meacham
  • Heather Meacham

Art Work

  • Natalie (NattieKay) Petrucka

Audio Editing

  • Christopher Meacham

Bureaucratic Supporters

Sound Effects Provided By

  • Planet Earth Productions
  • NASA
  • Pacfic Digital Video @
    • 159jim
    • asbestos-bill
    • Rvgerxini
    • fractanimal
    • pawsound
    • BlueSquidDoug
    • lolamadeus
    • bruno.auzet
    • kyles
    • InspectorJ
    • JuandreSound
    • sidequesting
    • pfranzen
    • simkiott
    • ecfike

*Modifications were made to some of the sound effects used*

The Smuggler's Log is an audio drama produced in association with Planet Earth Productions

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